Innovation Frontrunner within Solar Technology

mei 31, 2012

The COMFORT E Plus solution from SONNENKRAFT that produces fresh hot water and room heating received the prestigious Plus X Award for “Best Solar Solution of the Year” at the annual award night in Köln. Furthermore the intelligent FWMi received honours as “Best Fresh Water Module of the Year”. Both awards are recognitions of the ongoing product development at SONNENKRAFT.

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3 New Tanks with Great Utilization of Solar Heat

januari 25, 2012

SONNENKRAFT now introduces three new tanks that all dramatically increase the efficiency of any solar thermal solution. Improved stratification means more efficient utilization of the solar heat, and better insulation of the tanks reduces heat loss by 20%. All in all you get a higher yield.

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Improved Solar Solutions with High Efficiency

januari 20, 2012

The main argument for installing a solar thermal solution is to save money on the household budget. The COMFORT E and COMFORT E Plus solutions from SONNENKRAFT that provide hot water and room heating have been improved and now more efficient. Better insulation of the water tanks and high efficiency pumps are among the new features.

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Stratification Module with High Efficiency Pump

januari 15, 2012

The stratification module SLM50HE which is used in the COMFORT E Solution for hot water and room heating has been fitted with a high efficiency pump that uses 80% less energy than before. Furthermore the SLM50HE now provides a more optimal heating of the water tank.

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Improved Pump Station from SONNENKRAFT

december 15, 2011

The new version of SONNENKRAFT’s pump station for the hot water and heating solution COMFORT E has been significantly improved. With a 30% higher flow rate the pump station can operate bigger collector areas. The new PSKR18HE can support as many as six of the SKR500 collectors totaling 15.5 m2.

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New System Knows when You Take a Shower

december 15, 2011

Intelligent management of solar energy for hot water and room heating reaches a new level. SONNENKRAFT, European market leader within solar energy solutions, now introduces an intelligent fresh water system that literally knows when you take a shower or do the dishes.

Big savings on the energy budget awaits households that install the new fresh water system from SONNENKRAFT. It only produces hot water when you need it for showering or doing the dishes. In comparison a normal water system constantly heats the water – also when you do not need it - and thus wastes a lot of energy for no reason.


“The intelligent system fresh water system collects data of when you use hot water and then automatically adapts to your daily rhythm. This means that system stops the production when you are at work, when you sleep or are on vacation. Therefore you save a lot of money,” says Magnus Wallin, Managing Director from SONNENKRAFT International.


Providing fresh hot water only when you need it has another major benefit to it besides saving money. By heating the water at the time of actual usage the system minimizes the risk of bacteria in the water. The constant readiness of hot water in normal water systems means that the first one to take a shower in the morning do so in water heated the evening before. When you have an intelligent water system from SONNENKRAFT you always get hot water that is fresh.


“The fresher the water is the smaller the risk is of occurrence of bacteria. The intelligent fresh water system eliminates any worry you may have of bacteria thriving in your water tank,” says Magnus Wallin.


Intelligent fresh water system

SONNENKRAFT Fresh Water Module


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